VOLANTEXRC 1/12 Scale RC Tank High Speed Crawler VOLANTEXRC 1/12 Scale RC Tank High Speed Crawler Quick View

VOLANTEXRC 1/12 Scale RC Tank High Speed Crawler

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Vehicle-1/12 Vehicle-Crawler Vehicle-Tank Vehicles
VOLANTEXRC 1/12 Scale RC Tank 4WD RC Tank is designed with powerful motor, which offers you the highest speed up to 15 km /...

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Dynam P61 Black Widow PNP

Fly the Icon

robert edwards on Aug 15, 2018

Fly the icon The P61 blackwidow is an icon. Thank you dynam for making a great flying model of it. Growing up I had a room full of models and the widow was my favorite twin(marauder a close second). No one ever says dynam models dont fly well and the widow is no exception. It looks sinister in the air. Quite a showstopper at the field. People that dont even know what it is are asking me about it. (no its not a p-38). Same power setup as the marauder and i get the same 8-9 min flight times out of a china hobby line 4000mah 30c. Same easy flyer,easy lander. Landing IS flying and its a non event. It's one of those planes that if it hits its expiration day I will buy another.


Dynam Supermarine spitfire MK.VB 1200mm Wingspan - PNP

Great Warbird on Float Plane

Tim Robinson on July 6, 2019

It just doesn’t get any cooler than this, a warbird on floats. This plane builds pretty easy with the standard sparse Dynam directions (a short series of small black & white pictures). You definitely need to add weight to the nose to get it to balance. Mine took about 30g. What really blew me away was on 1st flight the only trim needed was one click up elevator. The camo paint job looks great and I painted the spinner red,instrument panel & seatback black and gun tips & canisters & antenna gun metal. I also put gauges on the instrument panel. This plane looks beautiful on the ground & jaw dropping in the air. The only “problem” with flying is that it wants to take a hard left when getting up to speed on takeoff. As long as you give it some right rudder you’re okay. I highly recommend this plane for someone with some experience with flying on water. This plane is fast! It has flaps too which really helps for landing.

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