XFly Su-27 Grey Twin 50mm EDF Jet PNP
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XFly Su-27 Grey Twin 50mm EDF Jet PNP

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XFly Su-27 Grey Twin 50mm EDF Jet PNP

The Su-27 is now available at XFly Model with twin 50mm EDF jet design. Powered by a 4S 2200mAh-3000mAh battery, two brushless motors and 40-amp ESCs that are matched to two 12-blade 50mm fans produce an abundance of top speed and thrust compared to other models in its class.

This is a must have for your hanger!

What are included:

XFly Su-27 12-blade Jet, Motor, ESC. Servos

What are required:

4-channel radio system

4S, 14.8V, 2200 to 3000 mAh Lipo battery with EC3 connector and charger

1 hour assembly time


Material: EPO Foam

Wing Span: 750 mm (29.5 in)

Flying Weight: 1.3kg (2.9 lb)

Wing Loading: 88.4 g/dm²  

Fuselage Length: 1143mm (45 in)

Center of Gravity:  see manual

Motor: 2627 KV4600 x2

ESC: 40A ESC x2

Servo: 5 x 9g digital servos 

Elevator: Yes

Rudder: No

Ailerons: Yes

Flaps: No

Landing Gear: Fixed

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