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Dynam T28 Trojan V2 Red 1270mm Wingspan - PNP
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Dynam T28 Trojan V2 Red 1270mm Wingspan - PNP

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Dynam T28 Trojan V2 Red 1270mm Wingspan - PNP
The North American Aviation T-28 Trojan was a piston-engined military trainer aircraft used by the United States Air Force and United States Navy beginning in the 1950s. Besides its use as a trainer, the T-28 was successfully employed as a Counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft, primarily during the Vietnam War. 

What are included:

Dynam T-28 airplane, motor, ESC, 6*9g servos

What are required:

6-Channel or above transmitter

6-Channel receiver

11.8V 2200mAh 20C Li-Po battery and charger

1 hour assembly time


Material: EPO Foam

Wing Span: 1270mm (50in)

Flying Weight: 1350g

Wing Loading: 50g/dm2

Fuselage Length: 1000mm(39.4in)

Center of Gravity: 70 - 75mm from the leading edge at the wing root

Motor: BM3715A-KV890 

ESC: Skylord 30A

Propeller: 3-Blade Prop

Servo: 9g*6pcs

Elevator: Yes

Rudder: Yes

Ailerons: Yes

Flaps: Yes

Landing Gear: E retract

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