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The founder of the Bitgo Hobby has been a loyal follower for Dynam airplanes since the inception of the Dynam brand in 2005. It all started with a group of RC enthusiasts with a small line of RC airplane products. Sticking with a steady growth strategy, the product line has been gradually extended to FPVs, drones, radio systems, electric motors, ESCs with 3 well-known brands, including Dynam, Detrum and TomCat.


In last few years, as the technology evolves, electrification has become a major trend and has been changing our life almost every day. Ever since the electric components became smaller and more cost effective, they have been applied on many new applications in the RC world. For example, Detrum Tech has independently developed BNP (Bind-N-Play) and SRTF (Smart-Ready-to-Fly) airplane. If you are an owner of Detrum radio transmitter, the BNP will let you bind your transmitter with the Smart Receiver on the airplane and ready to fly in the field. Reduced preparation time means more fun for enthusiasts. For more information, please check our Guides and Tutorials section.  Having these critical technologies within one business opens many more doors to develop unique RC applications. Stay tuned with us for more to come!

We are a firm believer of electrification and digitization, which is why we focus on the core electronic technologies. Whether you are looking for an electric motor to replace your glow engine powered RC airplane or a camera gimbal for you drone, or an ESC to ensure your power system reach its maximum potential, or simply a gift to your loved ones who just starts learning the RC airplane, we have them all.

As one of America distributors, who focuses on Dynam related products, we commit to the excellence customer service. In addition, we work very closely with the designers and manufacturer, we would love to hear from you to further improve the product offerings. Please contact us for your questions, concerns and ideas.

Thanks so much for visiting us and we look forward to working and serving you soon.

Together, we are leading the way.

Team Bitgo Hobby


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