Warranty Policy

The Bitgo Hobby carries Dynam, Detrum and TomCat RC products that are all under one manufacturer. By working as a partner with the manufacturer, we are proudly standing behand the products and offer limited warranty as below:

Detrum Radio System (Transmitter and Receiver): 1 year

Detrum Video Transmission System:  6 months

Detrum Drone: 30 days or time of first flying, whichever comes first

Dynam Airplane: 30 days or time of first flying, whichever comes first

All other items: 30 days or time of first usage, whichever comes first

What is covered?

The Bitgo Hobby warrants to the purchaser from the purchasing date that the product is free from defects in materials and functionality for a period listed above.

What is NOT covered?

This warranty is not transferable and does not cover below items: (1) cosmetic damage, including but may not limit to scratch, dent, assembly clearance, etc. (2) damage due to acts of God, misuse, abuse, negligence, or due to improper installation, operation or maintenance, (3) modification of or to any part of the Product, (4) attempted service by anyone other than the Bitgo Hobby authorized personnel, (5) Product not purchased from the Bitgo Hobby.


Limitation of the Liability

The Bitgo Hobby assumes NO responsibility in the event of aircraft crash damage in any ways. As the purchaser has the full control over use, setup, assembly or test, the purchaser accepts all resulting liability. Further, the liability of Bitgo Hobby should never exceed the price of the Product on which liability is asserted.

Warranty Return and Service

If you believe the product you have purchased have issues covered by the warranty, please follow the Return Policy to obtain the RMA number to begin the warranty return process. You may include the video, pictures and/or text to describe the issue and we may further require you to perform certain functional test before warranty determination. Once the warranty conditions are verified both technically and commercially (proof of purchase and purchase date), you may send the product to us. The Bitgo Hobby will either replace or fix it to the working conditions free of charge at our discretion.  


Non-Warranty Service

If your service request is not covered by the warranty, please contact us for the technical support. We may provide an estimation of cost to resolve the issue. 

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