Trade in Offer for Dynam/Detrum Customers

For a limited time, the Bitgo Hobby is offering exclusively to Dynam and Detrum customers a trade in opportunity to upgrade your old Dynam or Detrum radio products with additional discount. Please see below for details. We reserve the right to interpret and make any changes for this offer any time. 


Who is covered?

Any individual customer who owns any Dynam or Detrum radio product (Transmitter or Transmitter set).


What is the offer?

A qualified customer will receive additional 10% discount (include on sale items) when you purchase Detrum Radio Systems or Transmitters from us.


How does it work?

Take A picture of your transmitter with the proof of the purchase (sales receipt, order confirmation, etc). Send the picture to us. Once verified, you will receive an email notification with discount information. Go ahead with you purchase and we will issue the discount in the form of a refund once the order is placed with us.



1.     Can this be combined with other offers/coupons? Answer: Yes

2.     Do I need to send back the old equipment? Answer: NO. You do not need to send your old equipment back to us. However, we strongly encourage you to take every effort to ensure it is collected by a recycle center.

3.     What if I the purchase of the SRTF airplane or RTF racing drone? Answer: The discount of 10% on the radio system in the SRTF or RTF will be applied to your aircraft order. For example: if the total order amount for the SRTF/RTF aircraft is $249 and it is equipment with a Gavin 6A transmitter. The current Gavin 6A transmitter with receiver set sale price is $57.99. Your total order price will be $249 – 10%x$57.99 = $243.2.

4.     How long does it take to issue the discount refund? Answer: Within 3 business days of the order placement.


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