Share Your Photos and Save More

Do you enjoy flying Dynam airplanes? Are you using TomCat motors for a DIY project? Share with the world for your great experiences and save more on your next purchase. For a limited time, the Bitgo Hobby is offering exclusively to Dynam/Detrum/TomCat customers a “Share Your Photos and Save More” offer. Please see below for details.  We reserve the right to interpret and make any changes for this offer any time. 

Who is covered?

Any individual customer who owns any Dynam/Detrum/TomCat brand products.

What is the offer?

Take photos of your Dynam/Detrum/TomCat product or projects and post them to the Bitgo Hobby Facebook Group:

The qualified customer will receive 5% discount on your next order (Not redeemable for cash. Limited one offer per customer per product.).


What are the requirements?

We leave this to you. You may show the best of your photograph skills with this offer. Generally, 3 to 5 high resolution photos are acceptable. Along with the pictures, please also supply the product information. If other customer has submitted the photos with the same product, the photos may not be acceptable any more. So be the first to enjoy this offer!

Terms and Conditions

1.     Once mutually accept this offer, the photos become the properties of the Bitgo Hobby. You cannot use these photos for any other commercial purposes. You may still use these photos for personal use.

2.     We will display your photo in the Share Your Photos page or Bitgo Hobby Facebook page. In addition, by accepting this offer, you agree that we can use your photos for other commercial purpose within the Bitgo Hobby without prior notice.

3.     You are fully responsible for ensuring the authenticity of the photos. By submitting the photos to us, you agree that you are in compliance with any laws regarding copyright.


1.     Can this be combined with other offers/coupons? Answer: Yes

2.     Can I post photos on my own social media? Answer: Yes, as long as it is not for commercial purpose.

3.     How long does it take to issue the store credit? Answer: Within 3 business days of the photo posting.

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