Detrum F3 Flight Control W/ OSD
Detrum F3 Flight Control W/ OSD

Detrum F3 Flight Control W/ OSD


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F3 flight controller has many advantages such as superior algorithm, precise control, high suitability that appeal to a variety of users. Furthermore, the feature of being open-source means every user could contribute to the system in order to meet their own need.

DetrumTech integrates the OSD module on the F3 flight controller and brings the high quality and reliability product for users to give them great experience.

What are included

Detrum F3 flight controller, distribution board, 4-pin cable, two 8-pin cables, pin part

What are required

Cleanflight-Configurator 1.2.4 version

Driver software

USB cable


CPU: STM32F303

Accelerometer/gyro: MPU6050

Magnetometer: MMC5883

Dimension: 36mm×36mm

Weight: flight controller 8g+distribution board 6g

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