DetrumTech Eview Gh4 Drones/FPV airplanes Gimbals

DetrumTech Eview Gh4 Drones/FPV airplanes Gimbals


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Eview is 3-axis brushless gimbal, suitable for GoPro4, GoPro3+, GoPro3 or cameras with similar size, can be easily mounted on airplane or multi-rotor. You do not need to set any parameters before using. It is very easy to use and supports several work modes, such as panning mode and lock mode.

What are included

Detrum Eview Gh4 Drones/FPV airplane gimbal, adapter*1, damping unit*2, anti-drop component*2, mount bracket for camera*1, screw package, micro USB cable, connecting cable

What are required

10~15 minutes assembly time


Supported Camera Type: GoPro4, GoPro3+, GoPro3 or cameras with similar   size

Input Voltage: 3S~6S (11V~25V), Standard: 4S (15V)

Static Attitude Tracking Accuracy: 0.01°~0.05°, Standard: 0.02°

Motion Attitude Tracking Accuracy: 0.1°~0.5°, Standard: 0.2°

Tilting Angle: -90°~45°, Standard: 0° (horizontal)

Rolling Angle: -38°~38°, Standard: 0° (horizontal)

Panning Angle: -60°~60°

Tilting Increments: 0~45°/s

Panning Increments: 0~120°/s

Operating Temperature: -10~50

Weight: 163g (without camera)

Dimension (L×W×H): 98mm×87mm×100mm

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